Monday, October 8, 2012

RV Cooking in Bear Country

 RV Cooking in Bear Country

  As you may already know, I cook with a lot of spices.  Cooking with spices = scented food.  Scented food attracts all kinds of critters, including bears.  Don't be scared!  You can avoid rare bear encounters with a few tips for RVing in bear country.

- Never leave food outside, no scraps, not even in dishwater, no garbage.  If animals have access to your food, they will not only try it, which is not good for them, but they'll come back again, looking for more.  Feeding wildlife can make them very aggressive, which can cause safety issues to people, pets, and can result in enforced death to the wild animal now causing problems.

- Keep all garbage and recyclables inside until they can be put in a bear proof dumpster bin.

- Dump any leftover scented soups, sauces, or dish scraps down the toilet.  Not outside.

- Food inside the RV should be hidden in cabinets or out of sight, especially in parks and campgrounds with smart bears that know what to look for.

- Never leave windows, doors, or vents open when you're not around.

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