Monday, July 22, 2013

Coconut Bacon

Sedona, AZ

This is for veg people and omnivores alike!   So many people tell me they could never be a vegetarian because they cannot deprive themselves of bacon.  Well we love bacon too!  We don't want to deprive ourselves either!  And who is our little knight in shining armor?  Well it's not the highly processed, packaged fake bacon that looks more like a dog treat!  Oh no no no.  It's coconut bacon!  It can be made into bacon bits with shredded coconut or bacon strips with large coconut flakes. This perfect combination of sweet, salty, and smokey will make you salivate.  Did I mention there are only 4 ingredients?   This is the simplest RV kitchen recipe you're going to get.  Insanely excellent on a BLT by the way.  Now go forth, and eat some bacon.

Shredded coconut bacon bits on my salad. 

Coconut Bacon
Easy, Gluten Free, Kid Friendly, Salads, Toppings, Vegan, Oil free*

1 cup unsweetened coconut (flakes or shredded)
1/8 cup tamari or coconut aminos (paleo)
1 tbsp maple sugar or 100% real maple syrup
1 tbsp liquid smoke

Preheat oven to 300º.  In a bowl, stir well to combine all ingredients.  Spread into a thin layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  Bake 10-20 minutes, stirring it up every 5 minutes or so, until dry and crispy.  Allow to cool.

*You can also make this in a nonstick pan over medium heat, instead of the oven.  It may take a little dash of olive oil to get it crispy.  Sauté about 10 minutes, stirring often.

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  1. I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU! This recipe is awesome!!! I just made some double chocolate garam masala spice muffins and I sprinkled (ok, mounded) this coconut bacon on top~ unbelievable! This is hands down, one of the easiest vegan recipes I've made. Thank you SO much & keep up the great work! Safe Travels,

    1. My pleasure, Mary! Now you seriously sparked my interest in these muffins. You had me at garam masala. Do tell how I can get my hands on that recipe!

  2. I made the Chocolate Spice Muffins from the Everyday Happy Herbivore book, but added vegan chocolate chips (because frankly, I can never get enough chocolate!). Your bacon just took it to the next level, in my opinion~ sweet & savory :)
    Thanks again!
    ~ Mary